Table Top & Practical Scenarios


This course is designed for Warden’s who have already been trained and need to undertake the required 6 monthly refresher course as outlined in Australian Standard 3745-2010.

The course is designed to utilise their facilities Emergency Management Plan and specific procedures using various scenarios such as internal emergency, intruder, bomb threat or fire.

Participants are broken into groups and given a scenario and time to develop a response strategy that they will present to the group and receive feedback from the group and facilitator.

This format encourages all participants to become involved via feedback and also allows others to see some of the specific requirements of other areas of the facility and problems they could face.

Our trainers get all participants involved by using video taken of the facility and evacuation diagrams.

We can also take video footage of the actual facility and have fire, smoke and explosions incorporated into the video allowing staff to see what it may be like in their facility.