Peter Spyker, Ability Hut.

"DMA Supplies are the one stop shop for all our fire and safety needs.  Thanks to DMA we have well written and practical Emergency Management Plans and all the safety gear we require.  The annual fire safety training is of the highest quality and well regarded by all attendees.  "

Oct - 2021
Benetas Support Office

"Roy and his team at DMA Supplies Pty. Ltd. is an important partner in emergency management and always generous in working together to deliver the best outcome for the business. They take a risk based approach, understanding that every workplace environment is different, as a result they are able to apply the principles in emergency management in a pragramatic way. Importantly they are able to communicate and deliver critical messages to a wide range of audience in a way that instils them with confidence."

Oct - 2021
Benetas Colton Close

"I just want to let you know what a professional education session DMA Supplies Pty. Ltd. provided to the staff at Colton Close yesterday for our Emergency Procedures training

Overall the sessions were

  • Very interactive – Tony involved everyone
  • Delivered in a manner that was site specific
  • No one walked away not knowing what was expected of them in case of an emergency
  • Staff feedback has been that it was one of the best sessions they have ever attended

Tony provided management with some feedback on a few improvements we could  make – we are working on these already

Overall it was a very productive time for staff who left feeling that they had really learned something

Tony also took into account adult learning needs and how to best deliver these

We did an evacuation drill that was excellent and staff became very involved and asked a lot of questions

Once again thank you for a great session from all the team at Colton

Denise Hunt     
Residential Manager Colton Close"

Mar - 2021